Inside Counsels is business development consultancy offering solutions to private and public institutions in accessing new markets, finding the right solutions in those markets. Be it in developing a project, partnering with product producers or reaching a global audience through advertising, we provide the right approach fitted to your needs.


We build efficient strategies around the objectives of our clients and use the extensive network, market knowledge, insight and business acumen of our advisors to ensure that you reach the most suitable companies, institutions, project owners or industries.


Over the past ten years, we have been active in markets such as Turkey, Spain, Angola and the UAE with a track record highly praised by our clients.

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In today’s global and increasingly volatile economy, successful businesses have to thrive in a dynamic marketplace across the borders of their usual markets. Inside Counsels has established a team of professionals from various international backgrounds to manage the opportunities that present themselves in these emerging countries, such as Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and The Gulf. Headquartered in Istanbul, with partners in Madrid, Dubai and Spain, we are able to offer and extensive network of solution providers.

Its foresighted vision and acute strategies enable clients to reach their targets in finding the right investment opportunity, business partner, contractor, product or merely in establishing their presence in a new country. To meet this challenge, Inside Counsels follows the full process starting from building the strategy, forming the network of right contacts, preparing feasibility studies, and if needed, securing the process in reaching a higher number of people through media and advertising.