ICP Art Initiative

ICP Art Initiative is a pioneering venture to make arts and culture a meaningful part of the economic and socio-political arena.

Art is the creative process that reads the nature of humanity and transforms it into a higher form of understanding and expression. It is a response to what the world entails. In art, one can find an implied essence of answers and reflections on everything that is related to being human. In facing global issues which are becoming more complicated every day, the need to find creative solutions grows exponentially. When creativity is the issue, who better to turn to than the artists themselves?

As an intrinsic part of human nature, over many centuries, art has attained an important role in the economy. It has been the cause of both the mining and trading of lapis lazuli during the Renaissance, an element essential to the making of the highly demanded and expensive color of ultramarine blue. Today, art has been emerging as a new asset class for those well-diversified investors, with increasing number of art investment funds.

Based on this idea, we have created the ICP Art Initiative, with the objective of bringing the world of arts and culture closer together to the world of economy. Through Summits and events, this Initiative serves as an open platform for arts and culture to inspire the business and socio-political arena in tackling with the global issues, creating a better future for all.