We make the World hear what you have to say. When our clients have a message, be it a private corporation or a country institution, we provide the right media strategy to make sure their message reaches their targeted audience. We provide highly planned, tailor-made advertising and media campaigns for our Clients. We work with media such as CNN International, whom we commercially represent both in Turkey and in Angola. We have developed projects for our clients on media such as CNBC and the Economist.

How does it work?

  • We align your brand with highly relevant and engaging editorial TV and digital content in the relevant media
  • This opportunity allows your brand to benefit from the media’s unrivalled resources and reach to the network’s global audience of affluent and influential Opinion Leaders and Business Decision Makers
  • Moreover it will allow you to position your brand at the forefront of conversations shaping the global economy
  • A commercial partnership will drive and support your brand’s key initiatives through a well constructed media strategy, targeted messaging and strategic partnership.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey: Built media strategy around the Africa Summit in 2008 and the G20 Summit in 2015.

Government of Angola: Built international media campaign for Angola throughout 2005-2010.

Turkish Airlines: Built their commercial campaigns with CNN International (ongoing). Culinary Journeys is one of the projects that brought remarkable results.

Ministry of Tourism of Turkey: Prepared their media campaign with CNN International.

Turkish Investment Agency: Implemented their media campaign with CNN International.